We regularly host trainings and gatherings that help grow the social impact ecosystem in Atlanta and beyond. Below is a sample of some of our recent offerings.

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Transform Finance Institute for Social Justice Leaders

In February 2019, we partnered with Transform Finance and TransFormation Alliance to create the Transform Finance Atlanta Institute for Social Justice Leaders. Finance touches everything — from the land we buy, the food we eat, the housing we deem ‘affordable’, to the small businesses we want in our communities. However, finance has long been a tool for exclusion and extraction, especially for and towards communities of color.

The Institute served as a bridge between the world of finance and social justice; participants workshopped concepts like community governed capital funds, direct public offerings, community investment in real estate, participatory budgeting, and investing in cooperatives.

Impact Investing & Real Estate

In August 2018, we brought together impact investors, entrepreneurs and community organizers in Oakland to discuss what systems change in real estate development could look like. There were 6 key discussions facilitated along the following questions:

1) How can we leverage #OpportunityZones to create equitable real estate models and prevent it from being another tool for gentrification?

2) What is the most effective way to organize community capital for real estate?

3) What legal structures / securities laws exist in other sectors that can be reimagined for real estate?

4) How can we organize foundations / philanthropic capital to add to the capital stack for this work?

5) How can we reimagine risk and return in real estate to price in the risk communities front?

6) What are the current barriers for impact investors to invest in real estate?

Office Hours

We host monthly office hours for entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders and community organizers to provide coaching services in an intimate setting. Topics range from advanced business basics, to personal finance and leadership coaching.

Participants learn new concepts and build relationships with their peers. We offer these sessions at our co-living space and participants include our co-living members and non-members alike. Follow us on social media to stay tuned for the next Office Hours.