Investment & Development

We work with real estate owners, developers, and investors to deliver mixed-use coliving, co-working and retail properties that meet the needs of local communities. We also develop our own projects, assembling real estate deals that are equitable and socially impactful. We work to create buildings that facilitate resource sharing, a deep sense of community, and ultimately contribute to a thriving local economy.


If a project meets The Guild’s standards, we welcome the opportunity to discuss a long-term coliving management relationship through a Management Agreement.   

The Guild’s Management Agreement consists of:

  • all-inclusive coliving services

  • coliving marketing services

  • lead generation services to facilitate leasing

  • licensing access to The Guild’s intellectual property, program and brand standards

The Guild’s expertise in managing coliving and micro-housing units has helped our real estate partners achieve financial and operational improvements in their properties.


We offer consulting services for real estate owners and developers looking to improve the affordability and social and environmental impact of projects. We help create programs that foster a unique culture and deep sense of community.