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We build space(s) for social change by developing community-owned models of land, housing, and real estate.

Our Community

No Ceilings!

Construction updates from 918 Dill!

918 DIll Ave.:
Atlanta’s First Mixed-Use Community-Owned Property

A whole systems approach to development

At The Guild, we’re focused on reimagining real estate development to build community wealth and resilience. Our entrepreneurship programs work synergistically with our real estate strategy by building and providing a pipeline of viable small businesses — businesses that are otherwise at the threat of being displaced — to our real estate projects. Our work is based on the idea that there is an alternative economic development model where more people, especially those marginalized and excluded from our current systems, can own and govern more of the assets that make our communities vibrant.

Community self-determination, not gentrification.
It’s what we do.

In order to disrupt the status quo of real estate development, we need to shift power away from corporations, investors, and developers, who have no real stake in our neighborhoods, to everyday people instead. We are rooted in principles of Restorative Economics.

Learn about our first community-owned and stewarded property:
918 Dill Avenue

Presenters during a Transformative Development program session

Our transformative development program


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