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No Roof, All You See is the Sky…

If you’ve been wondering what’s happening in the skies over Dill Ave., we’ve been replacing the existing wood decking to shape up new ceilings for the ground floor. Goodbye rotting wood, hello brand new Baltic birch plywood.

Sourced from responsibly managed forests, Baltic birch is not only exceptionally durable and beautiful, but sustainable and planet-friendly as well, keeping us covered for years to come.

918 Dill ground floor while replacing roof decking
Metal framing that forms the new base for the second floor of the building
Close-up view of wood decking being replaced on 918 Dill Ave.
918 Dill ground floor while replacing roof decking

As we watch this community co-designed vision soar higher and higher, we can’t help but feel a surge of pride, and we know the neighborhood that’s going to own and steward it does as well. Each nail hammered, each board laid down, is a tiny part in the journey toward creating a space that’s more than just wood and steel—a hub where dreams will take root and fly.

It’s literally only up from here!