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Overview 379 Elm St

Ms. Juliet’s story represents the pressing issue of housing insecurity that so many Atlanta residents face. After 27 years renting her home, a new landlord ended Ms. Juliet’s lease and refused to accept community-raised funds that would have allowed her to purchase it. Housing Justice League has worked closely with her throughout her journey, advocating for her rights and seeking solutions to ensure she maintains safe, stable housing. Her first-hand accounts and direct advocacy on her own behalf and for others has shed light on the housing challenges Atlanta residents face and has been instrumental in shaping the vision and mission of the PCLT.

This collaboration between The Guild, HJL and ATLEJ signifies a commitment to addressing not only Ms. Juliet’s immediate housing needs but also the broader challenges faced by low and moderate-income residents in Atlanta. Over the next two years, this partnership will focus on acquiring and building additional homes to be put into the PCLT, to serve the housing needs of low and moderate-income residents across Atlanta.

Named the People’s Community Land Trust (PCLT), this collaborative initiative will first prioritize the immediate relocation of Ms. Juliet Brown, a longtime community member who had been displaced from her home. The Guild has acquired a property in the Peoplestown neighborhood that will serve as Ms. Juliet’s long-term home, as well as a site for additional permanently affordable units to be constructed over the next 1-2 years. The Guild is working with HJL and ATLEJ to incubate the PCLT to serve as a vehicle to take housing off the speculative market. 

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