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Community Wealth Building Accelerator

The Guild’s Community Wealth Building Accelerator is a unique business advancement program for existing women and people of color-owned small businesses to build wealth for their communities.

Financial Planning

This series of workshops covers everything from personal finance planning to managerial accounting and building proformas for your business. The goal is to get you investment ready — whether that’s debt or equity.

Commercial Real Estate 101

This series of workshops covers everything from your rights as a tenant, how to negotiate a lease, and how to purchase and build out your first retail store.

Democratizing Ownership

Building generational wealth is great, but what if you could help your employees build wealth too? As your business grows, we’ll help you implement models such as ESOPs or cooperatives that promote economic justice.

Legal Cafe

The legal cafe includes a 2 hr presentation from a general business lawyer to cover everything from legal entity formation to filing for trademarks. It is followed by a 2 hr presentation from a commercial real estate attorney. After the presentations, you’ll have the chance to have your questions answered and documents reviewed by our panel of attorneys.

Triple Bottom Line

We offer a series of workshops to help grow your business’ triple bottom line — i.e., help you increase your social and environmental returns in addition to your financial returns. Workshops include topics on B Corps and benefit corporation formation.

Marketing & E-Commerce

We bring marketing experts with industry-specific knowledge to help you build powerful digital marketing strategies and campaigns. We’ll also help you create an e-commerce strategy.

Our first cohort comprised 21 small businesses. 90% of them were owned by women of color.