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The Return

Are you a retail company looking for a short-term lease or pop-up space?

As part of our mission focused on #TheReturnToSweetAuburn, we operate a 1100 sqft retail store on Auburn Ave. Our goal with this store is two-fold — one, to provide emerging brands pop-up spaces so they can test their products and grow and two, to help bring Auburn Ave. back to its glory days. We’ve partnered with our portfolio company FLR-PLN for this store and our current theme for 2020 is focused on Black-owned streetwear brands.

Are you a food brand looking for a space to pop-up or cater?

Choose from a variety of pop-up memberships at The Counter, our F&B concept out of the historic Haugabrooks event space. The events space and F&B concept is another part of #TheReturntoSweetAuburn, a campaign and portfolio real estate projects to revitalize historic Sweet Auburn.