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The Wayback

On May 11, we welcomed the neighborhood out to The Wayback, a Community Block Party celebrating the Community Stewardship Trust and its newest building at 890 Dill, just up the block from 918 Dill, which is clanking along under construction.

Black and brown communities often have such a fraught relationship with development and “revitalization” that overwhelmingly price out and displace legacy residents. Old buildings are adapted into new spaces that exclude. New infrastructure is added as people are forced to leave. Our approach to development challenges that status quo. The Wayback was a celebration of the neighborhood’s past and a glimpse into a bright future where residents build power and self-determine what their communities look like.

Scenes from the Wayback Block Party

Inside 890 Dill we built a Guild Garden — an interactive space about The Guild and our history, why we choose community ownership as a development ethos, and the differences and relationships between our Land Trust and Community Stewardship Trust models.

A screenprinting station at the Wayback block party