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Calling A House a Home

Black Domestic Interior Decorations and Design

Calling A House A Home is a research study that explores the various forms of domestic interior decorations and designs within the African American community today.

By viewing the Black home as a “window to culture”, the research examines how the layouts and decorative choices of homes mirror the culture, lifestyle and social structure of Black Americans beyond traditional European design.

Such stylistic traditions serve as visual representations of shared social behaviors, practices, and beliefs that collectively shape the ways in which Black Americans establish and express their sense of home.

Participation in the study would require you to open your home to me, where we would discuss the details of your home and in your opinion, its significant artifacts and memories while touring the space.

The study will focus on digital archiving and storytelling as a hands-on fieldwork approach that entails visiting various predominantly Black neighborhoods in Atlanta to document the art types and styles within Black domestic spaces.

If you are interested in this study, please contact me at 919-949-4560 for more information if you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Black American
  • Female, Non-binary, Male or Queer
  • Live in Metro Atlanta
  • 25-75 years old

About Me

I’m MJ, I’ve lived in Atlanta for about 3 years, yet I feel… home.

It is with utmost respect that I express my immense gratitude to the Black community and families that have enriched this intricate and delicate, yet complex city. This city has some of the deepest roots of Black Americans in the United States, and I’m thankful for receiving even an ounce of power and love Atlanta has given me.

While living here, I have been enrolled at Georgia Institute of Technology and will be receiving my master’s degree this spring in city planning.